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The death penalty for photographers on the beach near the airport in Thailand

Tourists may face a death sentence to take photos at a beach near an airport in Thailand,

The beach near Phuket International Airport is popular with vacationers, but people who take pictures as airplanes fly, reportedly angered airport chiefs who say it could confuse pilots.

Wichit Kaewsaithian, deputy general director of the airport said: “We are creating a security zone that will be categorized as a strictly forbidden area for people’s photographs.”

“In addition to this area, tourists can still come and take pictures as usual”.

Kaewsaithiam told the Bangkok Post: “The maximum punishment is the death penalty.”

According to the Daily Mail, an official said, “The punishment for someone who fails to comply with this regulation includes a death penalty, a life sentence imprisonment, or a term of imprisonment of five to 20 years, according to the 1978 Air Act.”

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