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Boyfriend’s birthday card collage hilariously fails

FOLLOWING two years of birthday “failures”, Ryan went the extra mile for his girlfriend’s birthday, but forgot to make one small change.

A BLOKE thought he’d made his girlfriend a ‘perfect’ birthday card — but forgot one very crucial thing.

Ryan Smith assured girlfriend Laura McKay he had made her a ‘good one’ this year after she complained about him sending her cards late on her past two birthdays.

He spent time adding in lots of personal snaps of the couple’s relationship together into a collage on a card company’s website that makes personalised cards.

But when long-suffering Laura opened up the card she was surprised to find it addressed to ‘Georgia’.

Ryan — who Laura admits lacks common sense — had forgotten to change the template name on the card from ‘Georgia’ to ‘Laura’.

Laura thought she’d missed a joke and asked: “Are you kidding?”

Laura McKay's boyfriend gets her a personalised birthday card with someone else's name on it. Picture: Twitter

Laura McKay’s boyfriend gets her a personalised birthday card with someone else’s name on it. Picture:

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